Sold to an NHS member, but I will keep the photos up for everyone.

I received this email and photo from Scotland, on Oct 21.   He has photographs of the camera, which he sent to me.   I do not know Robert, and cannot vouch for the authenticity of this camera or seller, but if you are in the UK it might be worth a drive, or train trip, to look at it?   

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Dear Sir,

Would any of your members be interested in purchasing the Nikon M camera I have had for the past 20 years. It is apparently one of only 30 traced with an engraving error. You will probably know that instead of the number starting 609**** it was engraved in error starting 906****.  I attach photographs of the camera and ever-ready case. The coupled rangefinder needs attention and while the shutter winds on the focal plane blind has ‘bubbled’. The aperture ring is also very stiff.  I live on the west coast of Scotland and shall be very grateful for your assistance.

Robert Dunlop



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